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Competitiveness Rating in Africa

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Mauritius 4.52
South Africa 4.35
Rwanda 4.27
Botswana 4.15
Namibia 3.96
Kenya 3.93
Zambia 3.86
Nigeria 3.82
Lesotho 3.73
Ghana 3.71
Senegal 3.70
Cape Verde 3.68
Cote d'Ivoire 3.67
Cameroon 3.66
Ethiopia 3.60
Tanzania 3.57
Uganda 3.56
Swaziland 3.55
Zimbabwe 3.54
Gambia 3.53
Mali 3.43
Madagascar 3.41
Malawi 3.25
Mozambique 3.24
Burkina Faso 3.21
Burundi 3.09
Angola 3.04
Mauritania 3.00
Chad 2.85
Guinea 2.79

Africa: Economic growth competiveness index

The Growth Competitiveness Index (GCI), aims to quantify the quality of the macroeconomic environment, the state of a countrys public institutions, and its level of technological readiness.

Higher competitiveness scores are more desirable:

  • Very High 5.51 to 7
  • High 4.51 to 5.50
  • Moderate 3.51 to 4.50
  • Low - 3.01 to 3.50
  • Very Low 0 to 3.00

Source: World Economic Forum

Statistics for Africa. Africa is a desert so far as house-price statistics are concerned. The exception is South Africa, where ABSA Group releases good house price data, and has a monthly house price index.


Title: Residential property markets and investments in Africa

Description: Opportunities in residential property investment in Africa. A comparison of African countries on the basis of rental yields, taxes and investment prospects.

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