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GDP Per Capita in Asia

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Singapore $55,182
Brunei $39,659
Japan $38,469
Hong Kong $37,955
Taiwan $20,925
Kazakhstan $13,609
Malaysia $10,457
Azerbaijan $7,900
Turkmenistan $7,158
China $6,959
Maldives $6,686
Thailand $5,676
Timor-Leste $4,142
Mongolia $3,996
Georgia $3,587
Indonesia $3,510
Sri Lanka $3,204
Armenia $3,173
Philippines $2,791
Bhutan $2,633
Vietnam $1,902
Uzbekistan $1,878
Laos $1,594
India $1,510
Kyrgyztan $1,280
Pakistan $1,275
Myanmar $1,113
Tajikistan $1,045
Bangladesh $1,033
Cambodia $1,028
Nepal $692
Afghanistan $679

Asia: GDP per capita.

The gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is the national output, divided by the population, expressed in U.S dollars per person, for the latest year for which data is published. (see Data FAQs)

Source: IMF World Economic Outlook Database

Statistics in Asia. Asia has surprisingly good house price statistics, though the quality varies greatly. The ex-British colonies tend to have good house price statistics Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia all have excellent houses price time series, the best being Hong Kong, where the data is arguably richer than in the UK, since there are official rents statistics. However in the Indian sub-continent, only India has house price statistics, and this only in a new series, not yet available on the web.

Japan publishes no house price statistics. Its ex-colonies do better: Korea has a good house price time-series, and Taiwan also has one.

Indonesia has house price statistics, and so does China (both of questionable quality). In Thailand, the Bank of Thailand publishes a time-series. In the Philippines, Colliers produces residential property data.

No house-price time-series are produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos.


Title: Residential property markets and investments in Asia

Description: Opportunities in residential property investment in Asia. A comparison of Asian countries on the basis of rental yields, taxes and investment prospects.

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