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Yields are lowish in Grenada

Last Updated: December 08, 2005

Last Updated: Dec. 08, 2005
GRENADA - Houses COST (US$) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (US$)
100 sq. m. 375,000 1,500 4.80% 3,750 15.00
200 sq. m. 625,000 2,500 4.80% 3,125 12.50
300 sq. m. 893,000 3,500 4.70% 2,977 11.70
400 sq. m. 1,400.00 4,750 4.07% 3,500 11.90
500 sq. m. 1,997,000 5,000 3.00% 3,994 10.00
Source: Global Property Guide

In general, yields are around 4.3% for properties in Grenada’s coastal areas, the center of the rental market.

An average 200 sq. m. house bought at around US$600,000 can be leased for approximately US$2,500 a month. This would generate an income of US$30,000, 4.8% of the property´s value.

Bigger properties produce lower yields.

Rents in the islands are predominantly seasonal but this figure is for long-term leases.


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Title: Rental Income in Grenada | Grenadan Investment Properties

Description: What rental returns do investment properties in Grenada earn? Detailed tables showing income from property investment

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