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Price/Rent Ratio - Israel Compared to Middle East

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Israel 39 yrs
Lebanon 22 yrs
UAE 17 yrs
Morocco 17 yrs
Jordan 13 yrs
Egypt 11 yrs

Israel: Price/rent ratio

This ratio is typically used for measuring undervaluation/overvaluation of real estate prices, calculated by dividing the gross rental yield by 100 so the higher the yield, the lower the price/rent ratio.

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Israel has official house price statistics. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) releases quarterly average prices of owner-occupied dwellings by residential area. Statistics on dwelling construction and sales activities are also available. General economics statistics are published by the CBS.

Title: Price to Rent Ratio in Israel | Israeli House Price Rent Ratio

Description: Taking a look at the price to rent ratio of Israel compared to other countries in the Middle East.