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Taxes on Residents (Average Rate) in Pacific

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Fiji 3.89%
PNG 2.96%
New Zealand 1.88%
Micronesia 0.80%
Kiribati 0.75%
Solomon Is. 0.72%
Australia 0.59%
Tonga 0.57%
Tuvalu 0.23%
Palau 0.21%
Marshall Is. -0.77%
Samoa -1.91%
Vanuatu -3.94%

Pacific: Taxes on residents

The percentage of gross earnings given up in tax, including any social security contributions. Calculated for a single worker without children, earning 100 % of the average wage, for selected OECD countries.

Source: OECD Tax Database

Statistics for the Pacific Region. The bright spots in the Pacific are Australia and New Zealand, both countries which publish excellent house price statistics, as well as very good general economics statistics.


Title: Residential property markets and investments in Pacific

Description: Opportunities in residential property investment in Pacific. A comparison of Pacific countries on the basis of rental yields, taxes and investment prospects.

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