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Latest real estate news and discussion regarding global property market across all continents


Developers luring Hong Kong's buyers with rebates, as a slowdown looms

by Investment Property News 19-December-2015

Developers in Hong Kong are feeling the pinch. A slowdown is slowly spreading into the Hong Kong residential property market. Many developers are offering rebates, discounts and other incentives to lure home buyers, including incentives like stamp-tax rebates and first and second mortgages.   Why?  Because the supply of housing stock has increased - while demand has fallen. A softening economy in mainland China hasn't helped, and restrictions imposed by Hong Kong's government hav...

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Global real estate boom spreading to Africa

by Investment Property News 23-April-2015

African real estate markets are increasingly attracting overseas property investors, but the focus of buyers is shifting from South Africa to real estate markets in the continent’s other countries.  The result is that continent is set for a property boom, argues a recent Knight Frank report. A fast-growing population is the key reason why international investors are eyeing residential properties in Africa. The continent is expected ...

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New bill to boost foreign property investment in Cuba

by Investment Property News 09-April-2014

A bill passed recently by Cuban National Assembly will allow foreign investment up to 100% in residential and commercial real estate among several other sectors in Cuba. The bill, which is likely to come into effect by the end of June, aims to boost Cuba’s stagnant GDP growth.    According to the bill, foreigners will be allowed to buy residential properties and real esta...

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Domestic buyers rescue Cyprus' property markets

by Investment Property News 22-November-2015

Cyprus' property markets are recovering. Overseas buyer interest has fallen recently, but during the first ten months in 2015, property sales to the domestic market went up 8% compared with the same period last year, according to the Department of Lands and Surveys.    Because inter-domestic sales outweigh sales to foreigners, Cyprus' net total sales rose, from 3,703 during the first ten months of 2014, to 3,993 this year. Experts believe that Cyprus' economic recovery is help...

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Middle East

Dubai-based developer to promote 37,000 properties to Chinese buyers

by Investment Property News 18-June-2015

Dubai-based prominent real estate developer Damac Properties has inked a deal with a Chinese property broker to promote its 37,000 properties in Dubai to Chinese investors. ...

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Latin America

Wary of Brazil's stagnant economy and corruption, Brazilians are buying abroad

by Investment Property News 10-February-2015

Real estate professionals have reported a surge in enquiries from Brazilians seeking to buy homes at some American locations including Miami, Orlando, New York and Boston.   The increase in the number of people planning to move abroad has occured since Dilma Rousseff was re-elected as President in October.   Many of these people are frustrated with increasing crime, corruption, the political atmosphere and the...

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North America

US to curb inflow of illicit money into luxury real estate

by Investment Property News 24-January-2016

The US government will start tracking secret buyers of high-end properties to prevent the flow of illicit money into luxury real estate in America. The government will require title insurance companies to record the identities of buyers and submi...

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Buying Property in Australia and Home Inspection Nightmares

by Alicia Hill 21-February-2016

Why Property Inspections is the Most Glaring Omission in Australia’s Consumer Laws   Property inspection is unregulated in Australia. Becoming a property inspector, therefore, involves nothing more than calling oneself a p...

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General Property News

Risks: macro and micro pitfalls in property investment strategies

by Investment Property News 25-January-2016

Risk assessment is crucial in developing an investment strategy. In terms of property, risk determines both the budget and expected returns on the project. low risk = low yields: the investor pays more per dollar of expected revenue in exchange for reliable earnings and secure capital. high risk = high yields: the investor earns more per dollar invested, but incurs higher chances of a negative event which could, in extreme cases, lead to capital loss and negative yields. Risk can be linked to internal or external factors and has two main sources: either the country where the investment is located or withi...

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