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News and Discussions in Africa

Global real estate boom spreading to Africa

by Investment Property News 23-April-2015

African real estate markets are increasingly attracting overseas property investors, but the focus of buyers is shifting from South Africa to real estate markets in the continent’s other countries.  The result is that continent is set for a property boom, argues a recent Knight Frank report. A fast-growing population is the key reason why international investors are eyeing residential properties in Africa. The continent is expected ...

Nigeria slashes home buying costs (maybe)!

by Investment Property News 18-December-2014

The Nigerian government is working to reduce home registration costs to 3% of a property’s value (from the existing 16%) to boost housing affordability.  It is concerned about high expenses, which keep people from buying residential properties. To slash costs for land titling, governor’s consent and property registration processes, “the Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company is working to enhance the enabling environment...

South African real estate attracting foreign investors in big numbers

by Investment Property News 03-December-2014

Foreigners bought nearly Rand 9.7 billions (US$ 867 million) of luxury properties in South Africa the past 12 months. Of the 280,395 properties transferred between 2013 and 2014, nearly 8,530 were registered in the name of foreigners, according to property analysts Lightstone. The fact that general elections in May went off peacefully played a major role in building trust among foreign buyers. The depreciation of the rand over the pas...

Amazing opportunities in Mozambique - not for the faint of heart

by CasaNacala 11-November-2014

'That certainly is brave!' 'You sure this is a good idea?’ ‘There barely is peace there now!' Those are just a few of the first reactions when we tell people about property investment options in Mozambique.    And who can blame them? Investing in any country in Africa comes with doubts and worries, and nothing can be guaranteed. Looking beyond this initial barrier however one can see that African economies are among the fastest growing in the world, and many are rising ou...

South Africa to bar foreigners from buying land

by Investment Property News 31-July-2014

The South African government plans to impose restrictions on foreign investment in real estate by introducing a bill which would allow a foreigner to lease land, but not buy it. The bill will limit the period of lease to 30 years only, according to Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti. However the Regulations of Land Holdings Bill, which is likely to be submitted to parliament in November, may take another...

Slow growth for South African buy-to-let sector

by Propertyshowrooms 13-July-2012

Buy-to-let investors in South Africa are registering lower demand for real estate in the country than previously. The First National Bank (FNB) Estate Agent Survey for the second quarter of 2012 suggests just 11% of all residential property purchases were accounted for by landlords, compared with 25% at the height of the market. While this represented a...

There is good property value in South Africa

by Propertyshowrooms 07-December-2011

It is still possible for investors to find South African property that represents "good value", it has been claimed. Co-founder of property search and relocation firm Spacesa Sue McDermott explained that homes overlooking the sea can be purchased in the nation "for a fraction of the price that you would pay in most...

Foreign investors 'returning to South African property market'

by Propertyshowrooms 08-November-2011

International investors are increasingly considering the merits of buying a property in South Africa, it has been claimed. Berry Everitt, managing director of international property group Chas Everitt, explained that a favourable exchange rate between the South African rand and major currencies ...

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