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News and Discussions in Caribbean

New bill to boost foreign property investment in Cuba

by Investment Property News 09-April-2014

A bill passed recently by Cuban National Assembly will allow foreign investment up to 100% in residential and commercial real estate among several other sectors in Cuba. The bill, which is likely to come into effect by the end of June, aims to boost Cuba’s stagnant GDP growth.    According to the bill, foreigners will be allowed to buy residential properties and real esta...

Could Dominican Republic property be a good buy?

by Propertyshowrooms 03-January-2012

There are signs that more investors are considering purchasing a property in the Caribbean, one real estate firm has claimed. International Property Success pointed out that those saving for retirement may even be able to use a self invested personal pension (SIPP) to fund the transaction. According to the firm, the Caribbean region will see improvements to its infrastructure over the coming few years, as the area adapts to cope with the growing number of tourists visiting the ...

Cuba's new law allows private home sales

by GPG News Team 04-November-2011

  After the historic approval of a law allowing individuals to buy and sell homes for the first time in 50 years, Cuba presents an opportunity for property developers and investors alike.   Judging by the experienc...

Property investors 'can find bargains' in the Dominican Republic

by Propertyshowrooms 19-October-2011

Investors looking for Caribbean properties may want to turn their attention to the Dominican Republic, after one publication claimed that there are bargains to be had on the island. Writing for International Living, Len Galvin reported on a speech by Margaret Summerfield at the recent Live and Invest Overseas Conference 2011, where she cla...

Foreign investors to be granted 99-year leases in Cuba

by GPG News Team 28-September-2010

A new law in Cuba allows foreign property investors to be granted leases of up to 99 years on government land. It is part of a packet of measures that are meant to reduce the government's near-total control of the economy and generate more revenue. Foreign property owners had already been allowed 50-year leases with the option to extend them for another 25. This loosening of property laws could result in developments such as luxury villas, holiday homes and golf courses sprouting up all over Cuba to cash in on the growing number of tourists coming to the country. The longer leases also mean that investors will enjoy lower interest rates on international banking mortgages, making i...

Property magnate's joint venture to develop St. Lucia eco-resort

by GPG News Team 18-August-2010

ROM Capital Asset Management chairman Robert Whitton has joined forces with The Best Group to form two joint ventures that will fund a new resort development in St. Lucia.  Whitton Best Sales and Consulting and Whitton Best Capital Partners will fund the construction of Freedom Bay, an "eco-luxury" development set on some 68 acres near the Piton Mountains. The area has been named a World Heritage site, and marketing will focus on Freedom Bay's natural beauty and the sustainable design of the resort's villas and apartments. Source...

$2.6 billion Bahamas resort development gets the go-ahead

by Glenn S. Ferguson 03-August-2010

After more than three years of waiting and disappointing false starts, the stalled $2.6-billion Baha Mar resort development project in Cable Beach, Nassau, is now about to happen. China has provided final approval for the participation of two Chinese companies, the Export-Import Bank of China and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, to fund and construct the project with developer Baha Mar Resorts Ltd. The long-anticipated development is scheduled to open in 2014 and is expected to transform Cable Beach. It could also generate significant economic stimulus for the Bahamas, with a projected 2.3 million annual visitor room nights...

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