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Risks: macro and micro pitfalls in property investment strategies

by Investment Property News 25-January-2016

Risk assessment is crucial in developing an investment strategy. In terms of property, risk determines both the budget and expected returns on the project. low risk = low yields: the investor pays more per dollar of expected revenue in exchange for reliable earnings and secure capital. high risk = high yields: the investor earns more per dollar invested, but incurs higher chances of a negative event which could, in extreme cases, lead to capital loss and negative yields. Risk can be linked to internal or external factors and has two main sources: either the country where the investment is located or withi...

These 12 cities will become favourite destinations for global real estate investors

by Investment Property News 13-May-2014

What value is there in brokers’ reports praising investment destinations?  Just asking.  Brokers write them because they’ve got property they want to get off their hands. Entirely unconnected, no doubt, with their praise for places where the properties are located.   That said, let us look at The Candy GPS (global prime sector) report, which ranks Tel Aviv, Chennai, Panama City and Beirut among 12 second-tier cities which will see strong residential ...

Qatar takes major initiatives in U.S. property market

by Kevin 08-January-2014

When the recession struck back in 2008, construction projects within Washington and mainland U.S. suffered a major blow in terms of investment. However, with the real estate market finally on the path to recovery, foreign interest in the region has returned. A prominent example in this regard is that of Qatar. Strong ...

Brazil: A brief guide to houses in Praia do Forte

by IBBI Imobiliária Ltda 21-November-2013

Traditional Bahia fishing villages are famous for their tranquility and charm, but Praia do Forte is one of the few places that still maintains that charm even though it attracts plenty of tourists from all over the world. The beaches are active, yet peaceful and save for few fishing boats moored near the beaches, there is no indication that this was just a fishing village a few decades ago. ...

Why home-ownership causes unemployment

by GPG News Team 07-November-2013

A strong correlation between high home-ownership levels and high unemployment rates is shown in a recent study co-authored by David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald. Using unemployment and home-ownership statistics from 1900 to 2010 for the states of the USA except Alaska and Hawaii along with data gathered from millions of randomly sampled Americans, the study found that rises in home-ownership in a state are followed by substantial increases in the unemployment rate after a lag of up to five years. “It suggests that a dou...

Chile's property market heating up

by Darren Kaiser 01-October-2013

The real estate market in Chile has been one of the best performing sectors in the region over the last several years and even though large gains have already been seen, current market conditions just keep pushing them higher. Between 2003 and 2009, for example, the average price of agricultural land in many parts of Chile’s 7th region increased by right around 9% a year but from 2009 to 2013, has been increasing by over 12%...

Real estate agents, developers sell homes through videos

by GPG News Team 29-August-2013

‘Home movies’ are the newest trend in the real estate market to help sell homes.  Actors, scripts and musical scores are commissioned for mini-movies by real estate agents and developers.   For instance, Neo Property starts a using a three-minute film costing $15,000 hoping to sell a luxury home in Queensland, Australia. Narrator of the video speaks about how many levels and what design the house has. It stars a young woman in her underwear tied to a chair inside the modern, sleek house, with hel...

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