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News and Discussions in Latin America

Wary of Brazil's stagnant economy and corruption, Brazilians are buying abroad

by Investment Property News 10-February-2015

Real estate professionals have reported a surge in enquiries from Brazilians seeking to buy homes at some American locations including Miami, Orlando, New York and Boston.   The increase in the number of people planning to move abroad has occured since Dilma Rousseff was re-elected as President in October.   Many of these people are frustrated with increasing crime, corruption, the political atmosphere and the...

Drones: the latest buzz in the real estate world

by Investment Property News 06-October-2014

The Argentine government is using these miniature aircraft, not to kill terrorists, but to catch wealthy tax evaders who don’t declare their mansions and swimming pools on their tax returns. Small drones ...

Huge reduction in Greek property transaction tax, now down to 3%

by GPG News Team 02-February-2014

Property transactions in Greece are now taxable at 3%, under the new law which came into effect this January. This is a huge reduction from the 8% on the first €20,000 of the property’s value and 10% for amounts beyond the first €20,000 under the previous tax regime.    Where will the lost money come from? The new unified prope...

Brazil's housing market in bubble trouble?

by GPG News Team 25-November-2013

“I actually don’t know it’s a bubble in Brazil, but I suspect it is and, maybe if I can just say that, it would help cool the fervor,”  says Yale professor and Nobel prize-winner Robert Shiller, who correctly predicted the collapse of the US housing market.    The fervor is evident: home prices have gone up at twice the pace of rents since January 2008. “W...

Opening of Mexican beachfront sets off goldrush

by GPG News Team 29-October-2013

Since word got out that foreigners may soon be allowed to own Mexican beachfront houses, property developers, investors and buyers have been scouring Mexico's Pacific coastline for hot deals.   ...

Nicaragua's Ortega threatens to reclaim Guanacaste Province from Costa Rica

by GPG News Team 24-October-2013

Nicaragua may ask the International Court of Justice to “restore” Guanacaste from Costa Rica, a province “Nicaragua lost to Costa Rica's expansionist politics back in 1824,” President Daniel Ortega has twice warned.  Guanacaste is one of Costa Rica's most prosperous provinces, with tourism and real estate driving growth. It has spectacular resorts and mansions, like Mel Gibson's 500-acre Playa Barrigona, and the Riu resorts which Canadians favor. Guanacaste also has a thriving aerospa...

Brazil's thriving economy underscores property market potential

by Viv Onslow 04-April-2013

It is an exciting time to invest in Brazil. With 2013 marking the 10th anniversary of Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs classifying the country as one of the BRIC nations (along with Russia, India and China), Brazil's progress over the last decade is under scrutiny. Its economy has continued to grow, despite the global economic crisis, and a range of soci...

Brazil's Natal: New developments underway to attract investments

by Propertyshowrooms 02-August-2012

Natal, in north-east Brazil, is set to be one of the host cities during the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup and new development here is picking up speed. A variety of new infrastructure is being created ahead of the sporting event, such as new roads, bridges, an international airport and shopping centres. Dean Thomas, managing direc...

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