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News and Discussions in Middle East

Dubai-based developer to promote 37,000 properties to Chinese buyers

by Investment Property News 18-June-2015

Dubai-based prominent real estate developer Damac Properties has inked a deal with a Chinese property broker to promote its 37,000 properties in Dubai to Chinese investors. ...

Sharp correction ahead for Dubai

by Investment Property News 06-February-2015

“Property prices in the emirates could slide by between 10% and 20% this year, depending on location and investor sentiment,” say S&P regional property analysts Franck Delage and Gregg Lemos-Stein.   They are one of a growing group of professionals sounding the alarm as Dubai responds to falling oil prices.   International property investment agency JLL also recently predicted that prices and rents in Dubai would drop this year by an average of 10%. The v...

Popularity of property investment crowdfunding soars in UAE

by Investment Property News 19-November-2014

Crowdfunding real estate investment is fast gaining popularity in the United Arab Emirates and some other countries in the Middle East.  Most schemes are being run online, and investors can sign up on the website of the company managing the scheme.    The attraction?  Investors can stake as little as US$5,000 in big residential and commercial property projects  launched by brokerage and development firms.   Though investors don’t own the prope...

Property flipping a cause for concern in UAE

by Investment Property News 29-April-2014

Property flipping is back in the UAE’s real estate markets - but this time there's a concerted move to suppress it.    When the property market crashed in Dubai in 2008, speculative flippers were said to be a major reason why prices slumped by 65%. The problem has again reared its ugly head, but developers and the government are taking steps to deal with the situation.   Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi’s largest publicly-listed developer, recently prohib...

Property prices to go up in Dubai, HSBC rules out property bubble

by Investment Property News 13-April-2014

Residential property prices in Dubai will increase by 10-15% in 2014, according to a HSBC Global Research report.   Housing sales prices increased by 6.3% in the year to February. Rents increased by 5.2%. “We forecast 10-15% growth in prices from current levels in 2014 and relatively stable net yields at 4.5%-5%… We expect this trend...

Saudi crackdown on expat workers pushing property prices up

by GPG News Team 02-January-2014

Residential property prices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah and other major urban centres in Saudi Arabiahave been rising unabatedly due to limited available land as well as to the increasing cost of imported building mate...

UAE Central Bank caps mortgage lending

by GPG News Team 12-November-2013

The UAE Central Bank is limiting mortgage lending to prevent a repeat of the 2008 property market collapse.   The rules impose new mortgage restrictions on the 23 national banks and 28 foreign banking units in the country: For homes worth more than Dh5 million (US$1.36 million), loans for first-time buyer expatriates should not exceed 65% of the property’s value, while loans...

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