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House price changes in Egypt

Last updated: September, 06, 2015

a1. House price change

a2. % change over a year earlier

a3. Egypt, Cairo

a5. Aqarmap Real estate index

a6. Egypt. Aqar Map is a commercial real estate agency based in Egypt. Starting July 2012, the agency has been publishing a monthly real estate index.  

a8. Aqarmap Real estate index

a9. Egypt, Cairo

a10. Source: Aqarmap

Quarterly Change in house prices

2015 11.07 -13.30 4.22
2014 8.70 -12.17 22.50 -4.76
2013 13.17

This table shows the change in house prices during a single quarter.

The figures are not adjusted for inflation, so may overstate house price rises (or understate declines).

Four quarter's house price changes may NOT sum to the annual (year-on-year) change in house prices, for statistical reasons.


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