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House price changes in Poland

Last updated: September, 06, 2015

a1. House price change (Warsaw)

a2. % change over a year earlier

a3. Poland, Warsaw

a6. Poland. The central bank of Poland plays a key role in a developed market economy. It fulfils the following three basic functions: Issuing bank. The NBP has the sole right to issue the currency that is legal tender in Poland. Narodowy Bank Polski determines the amount of currency issued and the time at which the currency enters in circulation, for the liquidity of which it is responsible. It also organises money circulation and regulates the amount of currency in circulation. Banks' bank. The NBP performs regulatory functions with regard to other banks, in order to ensure the safety of deposits held by the banks and the stability of the banking sector. The NBP organises the monetary clearing system, services current interbank settlements and actively participates in the interbank money market. Narodowy Bank Polski is responsible for the stability and safety of the entire banking system. The NBP also supervises payment systems in Poland. Central bank of the State. The NBP provides banking services to the central government, holds the accounts of government and other central state institutions, state special-purpose funds, as well as central government entities, and executes their payment orders.

a8. Residential Property Price Index, existing flats in 7 cities, pure prices (2006 - 100)

a9. Poland, Warsaw

a10. Source: Central Bank of Poland

Quarterly Change in house prices

2015 -0.32 -0.64
2014 0.76 2.27 0.00 0.00
2013 -4.38 -0.76 2.31 -1.50
2012 0.70 -4.17 0.00 -0.72
2011 0.00 0.68 -0.68 -2.05
2010 2.08 2.04 -2.00 -0.68
2009 -5.26 -1.39 1.41 0.00
2008 -1.27 -0.65 -1.95 0.66
2007 12.71 13.53 5.30 -1.26
2006 18.00
% change over a quarter (QoQ)

This table shows the change in house prices during a single quarter.

The figures are not adjusted for inflation, so may overstate house price rises (or understate declines).

Four quarter's house price changes may NOT sum to the annual (year-on-year) change in house prices, for statistical reasons.


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